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Learn to Dive with Ilfracombe and North Devon Sub-Aqua Club

Established in 1960, Ilfracombe & North Devon Dive Club (BSAC0086) emerges as a lively assembly of diving enthusiasts nestled within North Devon, England. Functioning as a respected division of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).

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Welcome to Ilfracombe and North Devon Sub-Aqua Club

Extending beyond traditional scuba diving, the club extends a warm invitation to divers (BSAC, PADI & SSI), snorkelers and social members alike, offering a diverse spectrum of underwater experiences. This inclusive approach guarantees that individuals with diverse backgrounds and varying skill levels can immerse themselves in the captivating underwater world.

Central to the club’s offerings is the renowned hard boat, Neptune, which serves as the cornerstone. Supported by a Humber RIB, these vessels provide members with the gateway to North Devon’s submerged landscapes and historic shipwrecks, intensifying their bond with the aquatic realm.

A defining hallmark of the club lies in its unswerving commitment to BSAC diver training. Divers of all proficiencies can partake in training programs led by seasoned instructors, ensuring the augmentation of skills and safety consciousness in underwater exploration.

Ilfracombe & North Devon Dive Club’s community spirit transcends diving through its assortment of social gatherings. Members can forge connections with kindred spirits, nurturing enduring friendships that extend beyond aquatic escapades.

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The journey to becoming a certified BSAC Diver begins with a single step “Try Dive”. This introductory experience offers aspiring divers the chance to take their very first breaths underwater in the controlled and secure environment of a warm swimming pool.

The cost of this transformative 45-minute experience is a mere £40, which includes pool fees and the use of scuba equipment. However, the true value of this endeavour transcends its cost.

Book a try dive
  • Expert Leadership
  • Cost-Effective
  • The Start of an Incredible Journey
  • All-Inclusive
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