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Ocean Diver

The George Lamb: Wreck & Reef - 15m to 20m

This broken wreck lies on Eastaway Rock On the North Devon Coastline.

It is only a short boat trip from Ilfracombe Harbour and is ideal for either rib or hard boat diving. With the depth being between 12M to 20M it is suitable for all diver grades. Though broken, the engine block, boiler and prop shaft are still present.

As with all the dives on this coastline a torch and a DSMB is a must.

The George Lockett: Wreck - 18m to 20m

The George Lockett is situated to the east of Ilfracombe; she was a steam ship that was lost on the 10th February 1982.

Her official dimensions in meters are 67.4 x 9.1 x 4.9

She is found between 15-20m depth and is suitable for Ocean Divers.

Like the majority of the wrecks found along the coastline of the Bristol Channel she is well broken, however there is a lot of wreckage to explore along with the boilers and some upright plates. There are a number of upright tubes that are a favourite place for the many resident conger eels to hide.

As with all our dives a torch and a DSMB are a must.

Penns Port to Bennets Mouth: Drift Dive - 15m to 20m

Again a short boat trip from Ilfracombe Harbour, Penns Port to Bennets Mouth is a nice drift dive covering some beautiful ground. A very scenic drift dive & it is not unusual to see a lot of life. Species to look out for are octopus, lobster, edible crab’s, fan worms and various sponges. It is also a usual place to find nudibranch.

Although quite a scenic drift dive it does pay to be careful of the tide as here in the Bristol Channel we have a large tidal range often resulting in some fast currents so a DSMB is a must as well as a torch. The depth is between 12m and 20m so suitable for all grades including Ocean Divers.

Lee Bay Drift Dive: Drift & Reef - 15m to 30m

An interesting dive with varying depths between 15m & 30m to suit all divers from Ocean Divers upwards.

Scenic sandy gullies threading their way between sponge encrusted rocks with a nice littering of sea fans and Segartia Anemones as well as the usual selection of critters found along this coastline.

I’m not going to tell you all of them as you will have to come along and have a look.

As with all our dives a DSMB and a torch will be required.

Combe Martin Bay Reef: Reef - 19m to 22m

The Woolaway: Wreck & Reef - 18m to 20m

Sports Diver

The Horse Shoe Rock: Pinnacle - 15m to 35m

The Thistlemore: Wreck - 20m to 25m

The Princess: Wreck - 26m to 34m

Dive Leader & Advanced Diver

Carare (challenging): Wreck - 30m to 34m

Bull Point Wreck: Wreck - 38m to 40m

Jacks Wreck: Wreck - 35m to 40m

The Yesso or Bengrove: Wreck - 40m

The London: Wreck - 40m

The South Australian: Wreck - 42m

Trimix / Rebreather

Mid Channel (Rogers wreck): Wreck - 56m

Just for fun/all grades

Ilfracombe Pier Treasure Hunt:Treasure Hunt - 10-14m

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